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2/23/2018 4:45:22 AM - We have been working hard on a brand new website, and can't wait to unveil it. Until then, holidays are just around the corner, and if you wish to browse CDs as holiday gifts, go here. And stay tuned!
Tracks from Various Recordings
Listen to tracks from various albums.
2/23/2018 - Maria Schneider Orchestra in Princeton, NJ
McCarter Theater
2/24/2018 - Maria Schneider Orchestra at Elmhurst College Jazz Festival
Hammerschmidt Memorial Chapel
2/27/2018 - Maria Schneider Orchestra in Lakewood, CO
Lakewood Cultural Center
2/28/2018 - Maria Schneider Orchestra in Durango, CO
Community Concert Hall
3/2/2018 - Maria Schneider Orchestra in Santa Fe, NM
The Lensic Performing Arts Center
4/3/2018 - Maria Schneider Orchestra at University of North Carolina, Wilmington
UNCW Kenan Auditorium
4/4/2018 - Maria Schneider Orchestra at Savannah Music Festival
Lucas Theatre
4/5/2018 - Maria Schneider Orchestra in Richmond, VA
Camp Concert Hall, Booker Hall of Music
4/6/2018 - Maria Schneider Orchestra in Virginia Beach, VA
Sandler Center for the Performing Arts
4/7/2018 - Maria Schneider Orchestra at Duke University
Baldwin Auditorium
The Thompson Fields
We're thrilled to announce that The Thompson Fields has won the GRAMMY  for 'Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album.'
You can order your copy here.
Study Scores
If you're a composer who is looking to learn by studying scores, this is the place for you. Each offer comes with additional video to help illuminate the thought behind the piece.
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Scores & Parts (for Performance)
For performing groups, not only do we offer downloadable parts, we offer video of me discussing the performance of the music, interviews with players, and in some cases, even extra mp3 mixes of our recording sans solos, so players can "virtually" rehearse with us.
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More Offers for Composers
Full list of Study Scores, click here
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Offers for Players
To solo on the music from Concert in the Garden go here.
To solo on the music from Sky Blue
go here.
To solo on the music from The Thompson Fields go here.
See All Available Recordings
All eight of our recordings come with lots of video and audio, ala ArtistShare, documenting the long process of making one of these recordings. They are all available here.
Spring 2017 Commission Project
  • Credit listing on the published score and parts
  • An invitation to attend the premiere performance of the new piece at the Newport...
The Thompson Fields
  • Get
Winter Morning Walks
  • Receive prominent ArtistShare┬« Executive Producer
Sky Blue

This project was completed on 7/24/2007. Below are the original project highlights and...

Concert in the Garden
  • Experience the creative process with Maria!
  • Get an inside look at Maria's compositional process.
  • Hear the music unfold from...
Sky Blue CD - LTD Edition w/40 page booklet (mail order)
Sky Blue was released in 2007 and subsequently won a Grammy award for the composition "Cerulean Skies." The following description was written prior to its launch. All documentation described below continues to be made...